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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  January 8, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu, channel 2 news. >> from arizona to washington, d.c. and across the country, people are mourning the sudden violence that claimed six lives and left a congresswoman in critical condition tonight. good evening i'm ken wayne. >> and hello again, everyone, i'm heather holmes. it was a shocking act of violence. devastating details are unfolding tonight as arizona representative gabrielle giffords fights for her life. she was shot in the head this
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morning while meeting with constituents. a large crowd gathered tonight outside her tucson hospital for a candlelight vigil. inside the democratic lawmaker is recovering from surgery. and and remains in critical condition. at least a dozen other victims of today's rampage are at the very same hospital being treated for their gunshot wounds. news of the deadly shooting sent shock waves throughout the political community with scores of gabrielle giffords's colleagues responding in disbelief. >> i am just heart broken. gabby is more than just a colleague. she is actually a friend. she has always been a noble public servant and my thoughts and my prayers are with congresswoman gabrielle giffords and her family. >> six people died in today's shooting, including a federal judge and a 9-year-old girl. authorities say gabrielle giffords was the intended target. a suspect is now in custody. from the president to the news -- new speaker of the house there has been almost
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immediate and strong reaction in the wake of today's shooting. reporter craig boswell has more from washington in this live report. craig? >> reporter: good evening to you, ken. yes, flowers are being placed outside of representative gabrielle giffords's office. president fbi said the fbi director robert mueller has been sent to arizona to personally coordinate the investigation. and capitol police still remain on what is being described as a high level of readiness. >> this is a tragedy for arizona and a tragedy for our entire country. >> reporter: president obama addressing the nation this afternoon from the white house just hours after representative gabrielle giffords, a republican turned democrat from arizona was shot outside a grocery store in tucson. police say the alleged shooter is 22-year-old jared laughner. the two-term congresswoman was holding a public event designed to meet her constituents and hear their concerns. >> gabby was doing what 45 she always does listening to hopes and concerns of her neighbors. that is the essence of what our
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democracy is all about. that is why this is more than a tragedy for those involved. >> doctors say they are optimistic, despite her injuries. >> she was shot through and through on one side of the head. it went through her brain. >> newly elected house speaker john baneor issued a strongly worded statement in which he said. fighting back tears current minority leader offered her condolences as well. >> and we stand beside you with the deepest sadness for the act of violence that was committed against our colleague congresswoman gabrielle giffords, her staff, her constituents and now we know a federal judge as well. >> reporter: she is talking about federal judge john roll attending the event and was shot and killed there. he had just dropped by to shake
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some hands. doesn't live far away. house majority leader says that upcoming votes this coming week on legislation including the healthcare repeal vote have been postponed. john baner has called a meeting tomorrow morning 9 a.m. eastern time. >> as was just mentioned former house speaker nancy pilosi led a moment of prayer for gabrielle giffords. >> let us prayer for her friends and family who have suffered a terrible thoughts. >> she wanted to offer prayers and well wishes for the families of those killed today. she called gabrielle giffords brilliant, patriotic and a strong fighter. and here is the full statement from house speaker john
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boehner. >> well, while there are many questions tonight about the motive for today's violence. gabrielle giffords herself talked about the political dangers and saw things escalate leading up to the 2010 elections. but was that the motivations? ktvu's mike mibach joins us now with that part of our coverage. >> reporter: heather, the suspect has yet to be charged. yet some politicians, including the sheriff in arizona, are already pointing their fingers to what they think sparked this shooting, firing political rhetoric. >> the first amendment, congress shall make. >> this week in washington gabrielle giffords read part of the constitution. a former republican, she is now known as a moderate democrat who owns a gun, who supports securing the border, who did not vote for nancy pilosi in the leadership elections. last spring, though, some conservatives began to target gabrielle giffords after she voted for healthcare reform. sarah palin posted a u.s. map with cross-hairs over 20
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democratic including gabrielle giffords. she won by less than 1% against kelly. today palin posted a statement saying. >> today's gunfire comes amid a highly charged political environment that has seen several dangerous threats against legislatures. her tucson office was vandalized just hours after her vote on healthcare. and in december a san francisco man said he would destroy nancy pilosi's home if she voted for healthcare reform. >> what we are not going to say is because this lunatic fringe is out there that we are going to restrict the freedom of everybody else. >> reporter: the sheriff in pema said that americans need to do some soul searching when it comes to political rhetoric. >> when you look at un balanced people, how they are -- how they respond to the vitriol
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that comes out of certain mouths about tearing down the government, the anger, the hatred, the bigotry that goes on in this country is getting to be outrageous. >> reporter: tragedy in tucson may just have launched a new debate about the anger and violence swirling around american politics. mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2 news. well, the tea party expressed today issued a statement. the party's chairman amy cramer condemned the attack calling it apalling and unthinkable. cramer wrote. >> some bizarre videos on youtube appear to be connected to the suspect. in one video posted by a jared
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laughner, a figure wearing what appears to be plastic garbage bags around his legs and a hooded sweatshirt approaches an american flag planted in the desert. when the person turns around he is wearing what appears to be a happy face. and he sets the flag on fire. the person eventually steps out of the frame as the flag continues to burn. [ music ] >> the last video titled "my final thoughts" appeared on december 15th. in the video the person states that the populations of so- called dreamers in the united states is less than 5%. the almost four-minute video urges people to create a new currency and a new language. laughner calls himself a sleepwalker in the video and a terrorist. >> the federal judge killed in today's shooting was 63-year- old john roll. roll was appointed to the federal bench back in 1991 by then president george hw bush. he was the chief judge on the
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u.s. district court for arizona. he had received threats after a ruling back in 2009. that ruling allowed a group of illegal immigrants to go forward with the $32 million civil rights lawsuit against an arizona rancher. at this point, authorities believe roll was an innocent bystander. >> the 9th circuit court of appeals bayed here in san francisco today issued a statement mourning the death of chief roll. the chief judge wrote. >> we have much more coverage of the shooting of congresswoman gabrielle giffords. a live report from tucson, including witness accounts, plus the reaction from local lawmakers about their safety concerns. those stories are coming up at about 10:30. >> in other news oakland police are looking for clue inside a fatal shooting in a grocery store parking lot.
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it happened shortly after 5:00 outside the shop right on ban croft avenue. police have described the victim as a boy. several witnesses told us he was 15-year-old and an unconfirmed source tells us the victim was a 9th grader at fremont high school. there is no word yet on a suspect or a possible motive. police in the south bay are asking for the public's health -- help tonight in a hit and run driver who critically injured a teenaged girl. it happened at campbell. police say the victim was walking in a crosswalk with her boyfriend when she was hit. a police spokesman said the girl's injuries are life threatening. investigators are looking for a silver or grey japanese made vehicle. anybody with any information about this accident is asked to contact the police. >> pg&e crews in sacramento county spent much of the day dealing with a four inch break in a natural gas line. that leak was discovered at 4:30 this morning when
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sheriff's deputies patrolling in the rosemount area smelled natural gas. several businesses were evacuated and people living there were told to leave. >> the la sheriff's detectives have announced the arrest of two people sexually assaulting disabled women and video taping the assaults. a computer repairman found more than 100 hours of sexual assaults on a computer hard- drive. he then notified detectives. it didn't take long for the authorities to make the arrests. >> he got a call from detectives from the lapd who recognized two of our suspects. they had cases in 2007 and 2009 at residential care centers. and those cases involved neglect and if i had dure are you crimes, along with sexual assault. >> investigators tonight are still looking for eight other
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men and eight victims seen in those videos. [ music ] >> san francisco city hall has a new look not because of anything outside but because of something that happened today inside. >> walking the walk. how oakland's new mayor and one of its top cops look to get the community involved today in making neighborhoods safer. >> and a big league city, the major move by san jose that could help
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. there are some new faces at san francisco city hall. and that means there is a new direction. progressives have lost their majority. moderates are taking charge. ktvu's john sasaki reports. [ applause ] >> reporter: inside the regal confines of the board chambers four new supervisors took the board of office. >> congratulations. laws [ applause ] >> reporter: the new supervisors are. >> i ran for office with the believe that i can make a difference. >> and i am so honored to be a part of this movement and community of people that are so dedicated to change. >> reporter: their first official act came quickly as the board re-elected david chu as its president. it came as a bit of a surprise. chu had angered some progressive because of how he voted for interim mayor. >> there are three eyes and -- ays and four nos for chu.
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>> i was trying to move the meeting along. much more importantly, this board of supervisors needs to get out of the politics personality and focus on the issues at hand. >> reporter: the main issue at hand is a nearly $400 million budget deficit. >> i think it is like lie we will be cutting. we will have so make some very difficult decisions. >> if you are asking me what will go first or second that i can't speak to. but it is going to be a real challenge. >> reporter: former board president has advise for the board in these tough economic times. >> what's good for san francisco generally speaking, is what takes care of the people. >> reporter: tuesday at its first full meeting the board is set to confirm city administrator ed lee as the mayor. i'm john sasaki, ktvu, channel 2 news. and environmentalist and developers reached a deal to allow a construction project to move forward at the former hunters point naval shipyard in san francisco. the sierra club and autobon society agreed today to drop a
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lawsuit over plans to build a 41-foot long bridge over the yosemite slow. they were concerned that would damage the sensitive wetlands. they will create a lagoon and bird habitat as part of the project. >> problem solving officers returned to the streets of oakland today as newly elected mayor jean kwan went door-to- door to get residents involved in keeping their neighborhood safe. she and the assistant police chief met with people and encouraged people to join their neighborhood crime council. >> our goal here is to get the neighborhood organized so i don't personally have to come out here and knock on their doors every day. but, you know, if i have to i will. >> they say the neighborhood is a tough one with higher rates of crime, unemployment and high school drop-outs. also today, 75 problem-solving officers were deployed in several neighborhoods for the first time since funding for those officers was cut back in
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july. voters approved a ballot measure to revive that funding. >> as they gear up for the new state and federal tax reserves they are reminding tens of thousands of californians they haven't claimed their 2009 refund. 49,000 state refunds have not been claimed with checks ranging from as little as a dollar to $218,000. officials say many of those were returned by the post office. irs says more than 15,000 californians have not claimed their refunds. the jury trial of a high school bombing suspect in san mateo is on track for later this month, even though the suspect's sanity remains in question. a judge yesterday denied a defense request to move the january 31st trial date for 18- year-old alexander youshock. the trial is set to begin ten days after doctors are set to return their opinions on his sanity. he is charged in the botched attack at hillsdale high school in august of 2009. he has pleaded not guilty by
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reason of insanity to various charges including two counts of attempted murder. an east palo alto man accused of two armed robberies could face life in prison under the three strikes law. he was arrested on wednesday. the palo alto online website reports court documents show that he was convicted of other felonies while a juvenile. the supreme court has ruled judges may take juvenile convictions into account when sentencing under the three strikes law. he is being held on $100,000 bail. he is due back in court on friday. >> san jose takes another major step towards bringing professional baseball to the south bay. the redevelopment agency announced this week it will sell five city owned parcels to raise $25 million for a possible stadium site. well, it hopes the sale will reassure baseball commissioners that san jose is serious. in addition to money, bringing the as south would also require the giants giving up their
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territorial rights to silicone valley. >> a minor earthquake rattled the south bay this morning near the same area where a large earthquake shook yesterday afternoon. the earthquake struck northeast of san jose city hall at 7:59 this morning. yesterday the same area was shaken by a 4.1 earthquake shortly after 4 p.m. a few after-shocks followed this morning. no damage was reported and no one was hurt. >> next week a massive earthquake last year left the area in ruins. the recovery has been lo slow and some are calling for change. heather childers reports. >> reporter: nearly one year after the ground shook violently in haiti, the country is still in shambles. this catholic church looks a lot like this did the day after the quake struck. in part-au-prince traffic fills the streets and people live in tents like this. marie says her situation is tragic since the camp is located next to the rubble of
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the department store where her husband and answer infant daughter died. their bodies are still buried beneath the debris. >> i would like to go back home to my kids to leave my life of living in a tent. >> reporter: frustration growing throughout the county as they are asking the president to step down because they say hardly any progress has been made in rebuilding. one woman suggesting the american occupation of haiti claiming the u.s. could get a better job getting things done. >> the americans occupied the city then things would be good. >> although an american takeover in the caribbean is not in the works, the state department officials say the u.s. is not done helping out haiti. >> haiti's needs are immediate. whether or not those needs are for cholera or for transitional housing, whether or not those needs are for jobs. those needs are immediate and we have been taking steps to meet the immediate needs while planning for the long term. >> we will continue to focus on this effort over the long term because we know that that's the
11:51 pm
most appropriate embodiment of the relationship we have with the people of haiti. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of people were killed and 1.5 million left homeless by the earthquake that struck back on january 12th. in new york, heather childers, fox news. >> hillside residents in southern california removed their belongings today after a large section of land collapsed behind their homes. the land was stable enough to allow residents of four red tagged homes in san clement to make supervised trips inside their houses today. people reported hearing cracking sounds thursday night. and then noticed the slurped hillside the next morning. it is hard to know if recent rains contributed to the landslide. geologists and engineers begin to investigate. term officials go after twitter and whether it is connected to the wikileaks investigation. a dangerous discovery prompts an investigation. the unusual weapon found in a dumpster in san diego. >> the stubborn clouds are
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still hovering over most of the bay area
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. a federal court has ordered san francisco-based twitter to release private information about the founder of the controversial founder wikileaks and others. the u.s. district court wants twit to hand over private messages, billing information, telephone numbers and connection records for julian assange. that would be turned over to federal investigators looking into the release of classified documents by wiki leaks. there is no word if twitter will challenge the is. former presidential candidate and senator bob dole is back in the hospital tonight. he was admitted to walter reid medical center in washington, d.c. on tuesday. the 87-year-old dole checked out of the hospital on friday morning but was readmitted last night after complaining of a
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recurring fever. dole was hospitalized for ten months last year after contracting pneumonia following knee surgery. in news of the world tonight, in iraq today shiite cleric al-sadder returned from a self-imposed exile and made a fiery anti-american speech to supporters. he spent time in iran in 2006 and 2007 his members were accused of vicious attacks against sunnies. he told his followers today that bloodshed will no longer be tolerated. >> in sudan people went into the southern capitol of juba for voting tomorrow. africa's largest country will be split in two between the border and muslim north and the mostly black and christian south. an estimated 2 million people died in the war which ended in 2005. >> and in north korea today the
11:56 pm
north korean dips asked for talks with south korea. they said north korea's request for talks in which they first creates a crisis and then offers to negotiate in an effort to get food, fuel and other aid. south korean officials urge the north to show it has changed through actions and not words. >> a scientist at oregon state university says the so-called garbage patch in the pacific ocean may not be as big as reported. she has sailed through the region and the claim that it covers an area twice the size of texas filled with tiny fragments of plastic is exaggerated. these were taken last year by a different exhibition. hall says while the amount of plastic is indeed troubling scientists can be truthful and accurate without resorting to hype. >> authorities in san diego county are trying tonight to determine how a missile launcher ended up in a garbage
11:57 pm
bin. a passerby spotted the weapon yesterday evening and reported it to the police. no ammunition was found with the at-4 anti-tank weapon. but investigators say the fact that someone had a weapon that is only supposed to be available to the army or marines is indeed disturbing. >> we have more on tonight's big stories tonight. the shooting of an arizona congresswoman, what witnesses saw. and did the gunman
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
. a spontaneous candlelight vigil was held tonight on the steps of the capitol in washington, d.c. for arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords, her staff and the other victims who were shot
12:00 am
today in arizona. the shooting has sent shock waves through the politicians and staffs from both sides of the aisles. there is a flurry of activity behind the scenes tonight as investigators try to learn more about the young man accused of that deadly rampage in tucson. six people are dead. at least 13 are wounded including arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords. reporter casey wyan is there with the very latest on what is happening there. casey? >> reporter: ken, i am here at the university medical center here and there is still a candle lit vigil going on. these people are praying for this mass slag of six people and u.s. congresswoman and others. u.s. congresswoman gabrielle giffords is in critical condition after a gunman shot her in the head at a application political event at a safeway in southern california. >> i can tell you at the
12:01 am
current time period i am very optimistic about recovery. >> reporter: six others, including a federal judge and a 9-year-old girl died in the attack. a dozen people were injured. >> i heard about 15-20 gunshots in the parking lot. i came outside immediately. >> the suspected shooter, 22- year-old jared lee laughner is in custody. and investigators say they are looking for someone else that they think may have been involved. >> we are not convinced that he acted alone. there is some reason to believe that he came to this location or with another individual. >> reporter: in the meantime, in arizona and washington, d.c., politicians who know congresswoman gabrielle giffords reaction reacted with shot and sadness. >> my thoughts and ply prayers -- my prayers are with congresswoman gabrielle giffords friends and family and her staff and his family as well as the others. >> president obama pledged his report. >> this is more than a tragedy that is involved. it is a tragedy for arizona and
12:02 am
a tragedy for our entire country. >> reporter: law enforcement officials are also praising the efforts of two individuals at the event who tackled the shooter. now, that suspect has now been transferred into federal custody. and he is being held at an undisclosed location while law enforcement authorities continue to search for that second person of interest. here at the hospital, they tell us that congresswoman gabrielle giffords remains unconscious and still listed in critical condition. heather? >> casey thank you for the latest from tucson. california senator barbara boxer also reacted to today's violence saying. congressional leaders tonight are being asked to take precautions following today's shooting spree. it comes amid an emotionally
12:03 am
charged political climate. ktvu's tara moriarti talked to one bay area politician who says this is not the america he knows. >> reporter: today's violent rampage on congresswoman gabrielle giffords and her constituents in front of the safeway store has stunned politicians. >> what in the world is america coming to? what is happening here? >> reporter: the former lieutenant governor and current congressman says over the passed 27 years says he has been threatened from everything from an ax to a gun. >> a farmer, i don't know, 15 feet ahead of me on the podium stood up and had a 45 automatic pointed at me and saying: i want to kill you, you sob, you've ruined my farm. >> reporter: he reports any letters, e-mails or phone calls and has been known to wear a bullet proof vest. this is her last tweet before the shooting. it reads. mr. politicians now use faceback or twitter to make
12:04 am
themselves more accessible to the public, to draw them out to meet them in person. but are some of them making themselves too available? capitol police are now asking members of congress to be more vigilant about security. he isn't surprised. >> with the fervor of the two parties, the demonstrations in washington, i mean, there were signs on the capitol grounds "kill pilosi." now, come on. i mean, this is going over the top. >> reporter: even amidst potential danger, he says he won't stop reaching out to the people. the people who voted him into office. in oakland, this is ktvu, channel 2 news. the basketball game scheduled today between stanford and the university of arizona at tucson has been postponed because of the shooting. the stanford men's team was in arizona thursday playing arizona state. the university of arizona athletics director issued a statement saying, in part.
12:05 am
the game is set to be played tomorrow at 11:30 in the morning on the arizona campus. you will find continuing coverage of the tucson shooting on our website we also have a slide show posted. just click on the u.s. and world news tab. a birthday party in san francisco tonight honoring a man many say helped change the course of the music business. the auditorium was the scene of bill graham's 80th birthday party. the legendary music promoter died in 1991 in a helicopter accident after a concert in concord. tonight's celebration was a benefit for the bill graham memorial foundation. teaming up to help the needy. which two college football teams set aside their rivalry and what they did in the bay area to help out. >> we could see some
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. >> well, the cool refrigerated air continues to impact the bay area. the overall weather story for the passed few days. we will start out with low clouds and fog. right now on the maps i can show you this on live stormtracker 22. no storms out. there the storms would actually warm us up over the next few days. and that will happen. the fog in the central valley is pushing close to the bay area with that weak offshore area. that is into oakland and san francisco. still a big part of our forecast for tonight. tonight for the bay area forecast fog and chilly. as we do head into sunday skies becoming partly sunny during the afternoon hours. the extended forecast and rain will be returning. multiple rain chances in the five day forecast.
12:09 am
for tomorrow morning, forecasted lows on the cool side once again. we are talking about low 30s for santa rosa, napa. san francisco is at 42. livermore right around 31 degrees. satellite i am watching this activity in the pacific. and this will all approach the bay area coastline as we do approach mid-week. but of course, today we had the fog seeping into the bay. especially right around the delta with those offshore winds. as we do head into sunday afternoon there is a weak weather system that will not produce any rainfall but it will bring in cooler air. as a result that will exactly help mix out the fog a little bit earlier tomorrow afternoon. as a result we are expecting some clearing. especially coastside and right around the bay. in fact our forecast model showing you some of the fog. starting out overcast. visibilities down a quarter of a mile or half mile. then the afternoon hourssome disturb on patches right around fairfield and concord and
12:10 am
livermore. but partly cloudy skies around the bay. reflected in the forecast at 7:00. areas of fog low 40s to the lower 40s. by 12:00 some patchy fog out there and temperatures slow to warm up. only in the low to mid-40s from 40 to 45 degrees. mid afternoon skies becoming partly sunny. upper 40s to the lower 50s. still on the cool side. richmond is right around 50. san francisco is 52. san jose is 53. and morgan hill tops out right around 54. these temperatures will check in right around 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. here is a look ahead. now some changes in the overall weather pattern. by monday we gradually thicken up the clouds. there is a chance of a light shower on tuesday. in fact, a fairly good bet. a slight chance on wednesday. we could be talking about some more real rain for thursday. even beyond thursday for friday and into the weekend an unsettled weather pattern. heather and ken tomorrow if we are lucky be able to warm up and have a heat wave at 54
12:11 am
degrees. that's about it. >> turn on the ac. thanks, mark. >> the college teams playing in tomorrow's chilly hunger bowl in san francisco are getting some rest tonight after a day spent serving those in need. boston college and university of nevada players spent the day today in san francisco. members of the nevada wolf pack served up meals at glide memorial church. >> i think it's a great thing for the bowl game. not just a game, it has a purpose. so we are playing a game. like every particular ticket is a meal ticket which i think is a great thing. >> the emerald bowl was taken over by kraft bowl and decided to tie it to a social cause. >> the boston college eagles a few weeks ago at st. anthony's. 100 volunteers took part while the team's supporters donated money to serve 40,000 meals at st. anthonys. >> a shameless plug for our reno viewers. go wolf pack.
12:12 am
>> the playoffs are in full swing as the jets take on the colt. >> and stick around. you will hear from steve carol af ahh! auto. sir? finding everything okay? i work for a different insurance company. my auto policy's just getting a little too expensive. with progressive, you get the "name your price" tool. it helps you find the price that's right for you. oh, the price gun. ♪ ahh wish we had this. we just tell people what to pay. yeah, we're the only ones that do. i love your insurance. bill?
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[ music ] >> good evening, everyone. welcome to this saturday night edition of sports wrap. nfl playoffs got underway today with one very dramatic development. in the near team that played in last year's superbowl will be returning. tomlin son and the jets are in indy to take on the colt. this was a scoreless game most of the first half. payton manning finally got the colts on the board when he threw down the middle and got
12:15 am
to garcia and. jets got on the board thanks to tomlin son as he scores on the one yard run, colts got back in front with the field goal. tomlin son gave the jets their first lead with ten minutes to play. this time he won't be touched from the one. it is 14-10 new york. >> colts pull within one with a field goal. had to settle for another try when manning threw to blair white on the third down play. the pass is low, white can't get it. they don't convert. that meant adam had to lineup for a 50-yard attempt to win the game. and right down the middle it is 16-14 colts. the jets still have 53 second to try to make something happen. a 47-yard kickoff return put the jets in business. sanchez threw this pass to edwards. edwards makes a fine catch at the 14. that meant it was all up to jets kicker nick faulk from 32
12:16 am
yards on the final play of the game. [ applause ] >> it's fast and furious at the end. but it is the jets who have additional playoffs life while the colts are finished for the season. the jets get to play new england for the third time this year after their 17-16 win. well, they were the first 7- 9 team to ever qualify for the nfl playoffs prompting some to call for an immediate change in the playoffs structure. on top of that the seattle seahawks were underdogs against the saints. but because they won the division they got to host a game. never easy to win in seattle. saints started out like it would be no problem. jones ran in for five yards out. new orleans had the 7-17 lead earth in the second quarter. but the seahawks and hasslebeck found carlson all by himself. it was 17-14. and then with the game tied at 17, brandon stokely gets behind the new orleans secondary. he hauls in a 50-yard touchdown
12:17 am
from hasslebeck who threw four scoring passes 24-20 seahawks at half time. the third quarter was all seattle. hasslebeck to mike williams on the 48-yard play. they went in front with two touchdowns and their fans were smelling elimination for the superbowl champions. [ applause ] >> but not so fast. early in the fourth, the saints get back to within a touchdown. jones from the four backs his way in after contact. still more than 13 minutes to play. the saints added a field goal. they need to stop trailing by four. nothing exotic gives the ball to lynch up the middle. suddenly no one on the field can tackle for the saints. lynch turns into one of the most electrifying playoffs runs in memory, surviving nine attempts by would-be tack letters incompleting a 67-yard run that seals the saints fate. they are playing laughing stock no more as they advance to the
12:18 am
next round. peat carol has some historical perspective when it comes to the run. >> his run seems to me compared to one of the greatest runs i ever saw. at a time when you needed most, it was just an incredible play. and i am sure that everybody will remember that run forever. it was just one of those moments. >> the search for consistency, momentum and just some plain offense continues to evade the san jose sharks. the goal against nashville, san jose tried to avoid a fourth straight home loss. scoring is the problem for them. couture shoots one passed the goalie. that is 19 goals for him to lead the club in all nhl rookies. he turns back one shot but sergei knocks in the rebound.
12:19 am
it was a matter of hustling jason democraters and the sharks take him out of goal. they tried desperately to tie but the shot hits the top of the pipe. the win is preserved for the predators. 42 saves. nashville 2-1 winner as the sharks scored four goals in those four straight home losses. sharks back tied for third in the pacific division. due to the tragic events in tucson stand ford's game against the university of arizona has been post owned and rescheduled for 11:30 tomorrow west coast time. >> cal did play against temperature in arizona state. bears started out with a 7-0 run. the final came after asu turned it over. crab had 17 points for the bears. bears built a 13 point lead in the first half. the second year as mark saunders gets two of his 13 inside. and the led shrunk to just two
12:20 am
when the bears took advantage of another turnover. they get it to him who gets two of his team high. he completed the three point play at the free throw line. later he got three points in another fashion from outside the arc. the bears hang on for a 65-61 win. their first in three pack ten tries to star. cal is 8-7 overall. usf and santa clara in the wcs opener tonight. less than two minutes to go the broncos are down one. they are up one after michael gets it. and michael williams hits from beyond the arc. usf stretches it out to win 74- 67. both teams barely over 500 overall but usf gets the conference season off to a good start. the bay area team to pay attention to this year probably st. mary's. trying for the southern california sweep. mcconnel to walker for the jam.
12:21 am
st. mary's scored early. matthew with 13 of his 17. they cruise 75-60. 14-2 overall. >> both bay area women's pack ten teams were big winners over arizona schools. stanford extended its home winning streak to 54 straight with an 82-35 wipeout of arizona state. cal is a 20 point winner over arizona. the 49ers have landed the big one. but the coaching carousel isn't shift your weight forward onto the left foot. take the right leg up, holding the inner arch of the foot... introducing instant action alerts, only from chase. left arm up... manage your account and help avoid overdrafts with a click of a button.
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the 49er world and actually the entire nfl are still feeling the ripples of jim
12:25 am
harbaugh's decision to be san francisco's next coach. a press conference to he happened the culmination of journal ism, lots of speculation and blogging and tweeting. yesterday's event was officially a coming out party for both new general manager trent balke and jim harbaugh. >> they got a chance to weigh in on the 18th head coach in team history. >> i mean, this is one of those guys that can take the team to the superbowl and do it very quickly. so the expectations are high. and i know that he is, you know, ready for the mission. that's what's great is you can just see that in his enthusiasm and his passion for the game. >> he was a big fan of bill walsh. and he made things really simple at stanford. i think he will do the same thing. offensive minded. he is going to do the same thing with the san francisco 49ers, where the players can go out and play instead of, you know, going out there feeling like they have handcuffs on.
12:26 am
>> speculation leading up to jim harbaugh's hiring was sometimes wild and absurd. the most humbling chapter experienced by stephen ross. ross and the general manager flew to the bay area on thursday trying to land jim harbaugh leaving current coach in very high profile limbo. all three appeared at a press conference to announce a two year extension for the head coach. not often a guy of ross's stature has to eat so much public crow. >> no offer was ever made. i told tony on the phone from the plane that, you know, he was my man. i should have probably let tony know. and that's probably a mistake on my part. you know, sometimes we all get to think the grass is always greener, you know. but that isn't necessarily the case. >> jim harbaugh's decision to join the 49ers leaves a very desirable vacancy at stanford. the big fish could be chris peterson of boise state. he is a northern california
12:27 am
native. stanford has asked for permission to speak with peterson who has compiled a 61- 3 record there. well, the first event of the year on the golf tour, the tournament of champions held on maui where there is more to see than golf. this event for last year's winners only steve stricker putting for birdie on the par 3, 11 hole. he shot a 65 which earned him a share of the lead at 5 under par. byrd lands it within inches, shot a 67 today. robert started the round by a stroke. when he came to 18 down by two. a 56-foot eagle putt will fix that. he concludes a round of 69. they are all even heading into tomorrow's final round. that's it for this saturday night sports wrap. see you tomorrow at 5:00. >> thanks, joe. >> that is our report for tonight, everyone. be sure to join us for ktvu news at 5 for the very latest developments on that mass
12:28 am
shooting in tucson. >> our coverage continues online at thanks for joining us and have a good
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